Prime International Lighting Co.,LTD. Welcome to Prime-Lighting website. We are a led lighting factory in China for led strip lighting,led tubes, led panel lights,dc led bulbs, dc led flood lights, dc led tubes and so on.
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led lights led lighting factory in China
Product Catagories

>Flexible LED Strips

Flexible SMD3528 LED Strips

Flexible SMD5050 LED Strips

Flexible Sideview SMD335 LED Strips

Flexbile SMD2835 LED Strips

>LED Tube Lights

Integrated T5 LED Tube Lights

Integrated T8 LED Tube Lights

Standard T8 LED Tube Lights

>LED Panel Lights

>DC LED Bulbs

>LED Spotlights

>LED Downlights

>LED Flood Lights

DC LED Flood Lights

10W-100W LED Flood Lights

RGB LED Flood Lights

PIR LED Flood Lights

>LED Dimmers

>LED Controllers

>LED Power Supplies


  Prime International Lighting Co.,LTD. produces and supplies Flexible LED strips , T5 T8 LED tubes, LED panel lights, LED bulbs, LED spotlight, LED downlight, LED track light, LED flood light, LED dimmer controllers, LED power supplies and so on.                                                         More>>

Hot Products

LED Strips flexible 3528

LED Flexible Strips


T8 LED tube lights

LED Tube Lights

led panel lights

LED Panel Lights

DC led bulbs

DC LED Bulb Lamps



DC T5 LED Tube

DC LED tube Lights




led flood lights

DC LED Flood Lights


New Products
DC led bulb lamps
DC10-30V LED Bulbs
T8 LED tube lights integrated
Integrated T8 LED Tubes
led strip SMD2835
LED flexible Strips SMD2835 22-25 lumen/LED CRI>80ra

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